Everything You Need To Know About Private Jet Charter

There are many reasons you might choose to charter a private jet in Birmingham as opposed to flying commercial or using another form of transportation altogether. Perhaps you want to plan your trip around your schedule, or perhaps you want the ability to travel with lots of luggage or pets without incurring additional fees, or maybe you’re just looking for an opportunity to travel in luxury and style. If you’re considering flying on private jet charter Birmingham, there are several things you should know about before making your decision, from what types of planes are available to how much it will cost and how to make arrangements.

How Do I Get a Private Jet?

Most people search for a private jet charter with the phrase, charter jet. A private jet charter is a non-scheduled commercial flight that is scheduled on demand and reimbursed on cost per hour. Depending on the destination, a private jet may require refueling if too far from the nearest airport. Some larger airports have terminals solely for flying private jets. These are often called FBOs (Fixed Base Operators). The main purpose of these FBOs is to provide ground services such as fueling, re-liquefying aircraft engine oil, or providing access to customs. It can also be used as an air terminal where passengers can pass through security or check in their luggage before boarding their plane.

What Kind of Aircraft Can I Hire?

Different sizes of aircraft are available for charter and cost can vary from smaller propeller planes, larger turboprop planes, twin engine jets, and much larger corporate jets. The kind of plane you want will depend on your destination. If you’re traveling a long distance, hiring a larger plane is going to be the most comfortable option because they have more storage space, seating capacity, and range. Also, private jet charter Birmingham comes with professional flight crews who offer amenities like food and drinks during flights.

Who Pays for Fuel and Maintenance?

Chartering a private jet means you pay for the full cost of the flight and you also have all of the advantages that come with flying on your own. If you are interested in a private flight and don’t know much about how it works, here is what you need to know. Who pays for fuel and maintenance? Generally, the owner of the aircraft pays these costs themselves. When there is more than one person chartering the plane, it is often decided beforehand who will cover these expenses. Fuel prices can vary greatly depending on where you are going. So, if you plan to charter from Birmingham, AL or from an airport close by, keep this in mind before finalizing your travel plans. The size of the plane affects the cost of both fuel and maintenance as well.

How Much Does It Cost to Charter an Aircraft?

The cost of a private charter depends on many factors including the aircraft type, duration of flight, weather conditions, altitude and routing. One way flight may be as low as $800 per hour depending on these factors.

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