Amidst the Nature: 7 Best Picnic Spots in Mahabaleshwar


Imagine the freedom to breathe in the aroma of lush green mountains and streams flowing by; that’s exactly why you should visit Mahabaleshwar. The beautiful hill station in Maharashtra caters to travellers from all walks of life. It offers a hint of history with forts and trekking trails while letting you enjoy nature with enchanting views.

It wouldn’t be a fair deal if you do not plan a serene picnic here in the hills. To make your job easy, here is the list of the best picnic spots in Mahabaleshwar. Also, elevate your experience with budget-friendly hotels in Mahabaleshwar that take care of hygiene and amenities. So, are you ready to take this chance to explore Mahabaleshwar?

7 Best Picnic Spots in Mahabaleshwar are –

  1. Mapro Garden

Mahabaleshwar is the hub of strawberries and Mapro Garden does justice to the name! If you are planning for a picnic, you can easily spend the day here. Firstly, you can witness the massive strawberry farms and understand a lot about its plantations.

After this, straightaway head to the eatery where you can try their fresh strawberry cream. To keep your day occupied, there are various spots for photography amidst lush greenery. Lastly, you can buy authentic Mapro products including syrups, jams, chocolates and a lot more. Book Treebo Mahabaleshwar hotels for a cozy stay after a crazy day here.

  1. Venna Lake

You cannot miss out on the beautiful destination of Venna lake in Mahabaleshwar. It is one of the famous tourist attractions and a picnic spot for friends and family. Nestled in a lush green area, all you need to do is sit and enjoy the serene network.

It is best to plan a vacation during monsoon as the entire lake shines with the glory of mountains all around. Some of the famous activities include peddle boating and horse riding. You can also enjoy delicious food from the food stores nearby. It is best to book affordable hotels in Mahabaleshwar for a comfortable stay.

  1. Elephant’s Head Point

Are you ready to dive into a world of stunning views from the top? If yes, Elephant’s Head Point is one of the best picnic spots in Mahabaleshwar. It is categorized by panoramic views of the beautiful Sahyadri ranges.

Popularly known as Needle’s point, you can witness the head and trunk of an elephant formed due to the magic of mountains. If you visit during the monsoon, you can literally see how the entire area dances with the cool breeze and sound of chirping birds. You can either walk or take a pony ride to reach the point.

  1. Panchgani

Just a few kilometres away from Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani is a famous destination that attracts nature lovers and adventure seekers. It is best known for awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset points. If you want to witness the wonders of nature, you definitely need to have a look at the valley view from the Panchgani hill station.

Since 5 hills contribute to this place, it is known as Panchgani, meaning five hills. It was popularly treated as a retreat in the colonial era. It is best characterized by a soothing environment and verdant landscapes. Just like Mahabaleshwar, you can find juicy strawberries and organic fruits everywhere in the market. It is best to book Treebo Mahabaleshwar hotels to come back and rest for the next adventurous day.

  1. Tapola

Mahabaleshwar is rather a relaxed destination filled with families and honeymooners. However, if thrill is your game, Tapola has heard you. You can experience one of the best camping activities in Tapola. It is literally camping under the stars and connecting with nature in a peaceful setting.

Most of the camping companies arrange for food and clean tents elevating your experience here. Also, you can sing, dance or simply enjoy the bonfire with your loved ones. The onset of monsoon welcomes cloudy weather thereby allowing you to immerse yourself in the magical notes of nature.

  1. Velocity Entertainmentz

While most tourists are here for scenic views, the massive landscapes of Mahabaleshwar also offer some of the thrilling activities. Velocity Entertainmentz is a famous amusement park made for all age groups. It is best featured for Go-Karting where you take the steering and drive your way with fun.

It also has various indoor games including dashing cars and air hockey. For an extra kick, go for a bungee trampoline, drop tower or gyroscope. However, it is ideal to book nearby hotels in Mahabaleshwar because you would need a great rest after a tiring picnic here.

  1. Lodwick Point

Mahabaleshwar gets a lot of names from the British era and one such in Lodwick point. It is also a famous picnic spot where you can explore verdant valleys and eye-catching views. One of the highlights of Lodwick Point is the stunning sunrise and sunset views it offers.

If you are into peace seeking, it is best to meditate amidst the sound of nature. You can also opt for horse riding to reach towards the destination. Monsoon cheers up the place with the fresh aroma of soil straightaway calming your soul. Take as many pictures and also carry snacks to enjoy at the top.


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As you get ready for a picnic, make sure to capture the authentic beauty of the hill station. After all, everyone loves to go to flashbacks and remember the days of absolute joy.


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