The Only RV Resort You Will Ever Need 

RV resorts are the most luxurious option travelers taking a cross-country road trip can choose. These high-end enclosures cater specifically to large RVs. Their amenities are comparable to hotels that have clubhouses, gym, convenience stores, restaurants, laundry, and Wi-Fi.

Many RV resorts have entertainment alternatives like swimming pools and tennis courts. RV resorts are targeted towards seasonal occupants as they are designed with outdoor kitchen facilities, laundry services, and outdoor restrooms

How Much Do RV Resorts Cost?

Unfortunately, most RV resorts sell individual space and do not rent them as RV parks do. Resort prices can range from a few hundred dollars to 7 figures for the highest quality resorts.

Except for a few high-end resorts, most RV resorts are affordable. Their daily rates range from $100-$500. You can stay a couple of days as it can save you money regardless of the price. Keep this information in mind when planning destination trips and extended vacations to your favorite spots across the country.

Depending on the time of year you are traveling the resort may be a bit expensive. Summer and winter months are the priciest times of the year. You should book early to make sure you reserve a pad.

Why Should You Stay at RV Resort?

For people with a motor home who can afford to stay at an RV resort should definitely give it a try. If you are looking for a temporary home away from home, you can rent an RV and getaway to a luxurious RV Park like Magnolia RV Resort.

With 12 acres of forestry land, that allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature and many other amenities. They allow their guests to customize their stay by adding personalized accents and touches to the site. There are a pet friendly resort and guest can partake in activities like hiking, picnics, or social functions under the pavilion. Whether you choose to stay for one night, a weekend or a few months they will be able to accommodate you.

An RV resort is something everyone should take part in especially of you love road trips. Even if you discover that RV resorts or road trips are not for you, you still have the experience and the memories you made from the trip. Additionally, this is one unique experience that marks the start of your journey into the world or RV travel.

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