Why It Pays to Take the Road Less Traveled in Phuket

The great poet Robert Frost famously said that he took the road less traveled, and that made all the difference. He was talking about life, but he could equally have been talking about the Thai island of Phuket. Phuket is known as the ‘Pearl of the Andaman’ and is famous world over for its glorious beaches and its vibrant resorts such as Patong, but if you head off the beaten track you can soon find spectacular sights that the passing tourist might miss; here are three of the very best.

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Kathu Museum

Phuket has plenty of museums and galleries to explore, many of which give a nod to the island’s Portuguese history. One of the most recent museums is the one in Kathu village. Kathu itself is well worth a visit, as it’s a village so typical of those found across Thailand, other than the eye-catching murals which adorn many walls. The attractive museum is particularly recommended because it’s dedicated to Thai food and drink, allowing you to get an authentic taste of what many people think is the finest cuisine in the world as well as discovering its history.

Wat Sri Sunthon

Phuket is full of wats. What’s a wat? Well, it’s the Thai name for a Buddhist temple, and this island has some of the most spectacular examples. The Wat Sri Sunthon is situated next to the busy road leading out of Phuket’s airport, and possibly because people are in a hurry to reach their destination, or catch their plane, it’s easily missed. Wat Sri Sunthon stands out from other temples because of its huge golden statue of Buddha, which unlike other Buddhas to be found on Phuket is in a reclining position. It’s well worth parking your car up and taking a walk around this statue; you’ll be amazed at its size and its beauty, and yet you’ll also feel serene and at peace, which is a great way to start a Phuket vacation.

Black Rock Viewpoint

Phuket has a number of viewpoints located across the island that give breathtaking views across its bays and interiors. Many can be extremely busy, but Black Rock viewpoint is accessed via a dirt track and so you can find solitude as well as some of the most incredible sights you’ll ever see. Phuket is an island with so much to see that many visitors find that two weeks just isn’t enough, but long term rental Phuket is available at great value prices, and that means that you can enjoy a longer vacation here, and explore more of its viewpoints such as Karon Viewpoint which draws crowds from across the world.

Black Rock, Wat Sri Sunthon and Kathu Museum are easily missed by most holidaymakers but once you’ve seen them, you’ll never forget them. The same can be said of Phuket itself, which is why it’s such a great place for a long, relaxing break. If you have time, you can combine attractions off the beaten track with those that are firmly on the tourist trail, such as the 45-meter-high Big Buddha sitting on top of the Nakkerd Hills.

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