5 Important Tips if You are Flying Solo for the First Time

Flying solo for the very first time can prove to be a jittery experience, but it does not always have to be. Informed planning can make things easy. For instance, if you are traveling on a Bangalore to Delhi flight alone, for the very first time, begin by looking for a conveniently timed departure.  In case of a sudden plan, make sure you still check the complete list of flights available and settle for a suitable timing if possible, keeping in mind the distance from your home to the airport. This will put you at ease.

Once you have zeroed in on the flight you wish to take, here are five important guidelines to keep in mind:

Check the Exact Spelling of Your Name on Your ID Document: You will need to carry your ID card when boarding any flight anywhere in the world. We all know that. However, while making your booking, checking the exact spelling of your name on the card is important because your ticket should also have identical spelling. In case of a discrepancy, airline staff can question you and even stop you from taking the flight.

Know-How Much luggage to Carry: There are two types to know about. The check-in baggage or the heavier ones that need to be deposited at the baggage counter and the lighter ones or the cabin baggage that can be taken along with you to the cabin. There are limits to how much you can carry for both. Anything extra is chargeable. Besides, these rules can differ from one airline to the other. So, if you are booked on another airline for your Delhi to Bangalore flight while coming back, the same rules may not apply. Traveling light is a safe bet when you are doing it alone for the first time.

Be Well Versed with Safety Norms: Stuff such as sharp objects, liquids, vaporizers etcetera are not allowed in your cabin baggage. Power banks are not allowed in your checked-in baggage.  There are many such rules. Make sure you download a copy of the safety rulebook and read it thoroughly.

Choose Web Check-in: Opt for web check-in to avoid check-in queues at the airport. Visit the website of the airline and follow the simple steps to check in. Save a copy of your boarding card. You can take a printout free of cost at an airport printing kiosk. Checking in beforehand will also ensure the availability of your chosen seat. You may not wish to be stuck with a middle seat, squashed between unknown fellow passengers. Opt for a window or aisle instead.

Start Early: With Covid related social distancing norms in place timeline directives have changed. For a Bengaluru to Kolkata flight, for instance, your airline will ask you to arrive at least 3 hours before the time of departure. Keeping the Bangalore traffic scene in mind, starting early would be best.

Once you do it alone, successfully, it is bound to be a liberating experience in so many ways. Go ahead and try it with complete preparedness.

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